An Association of Individual Law Practices

The lawyers of Hill, Ducloux, Carnes & de la Garza have associated their individual practices to provide their individual clients with top-quality legal services at reasonable prices.

This association was originally formed on October 1, 1989, and the lawyers have been practicing together in harmony since that time, projecting a friendly business atmosphere for clients.  Mr. de la Garza joined the association in March 2008.

Clients retaining a lawyer will have an individual business relationship with the lawyer hired, and not be bound to pay or retain any other lawyer in this association, which is not a partnership. Clients are free to negotiate individual service contracts and fee agreements with each lawyer, and each lawyer operates financially independently.

Allen Hill

Mr. Hill has been practicing law over 30 years, and has extensive experience in contract, real estate, corporate and business matters.

Claude Ducloux

Mr. Ducloux has been practicing for more than 30 years, and has been heavily involved in service to the profession, both at the local and state level, as well as to the Austin public. He is a frequent speaker on legal topics, including office practice and legal ethics.

Don Carnes

Mr. Carnes is a board-certified estate planner, with established expertise in probate, guardianship, tax planning, and elder law. He has regularly contributed his time and energy to both the bar and community organizations which serve the needs of the elderly and disabled.

Aaron de la Garza

Mr. de la Garza’s practice is focused on the efficient and cost-effective prevention and resolution of employment, business, and consumer disputes.

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